The perfect gift that allows you to

choose how much to 

Save, Spend, or Give

A Memorable Cash Gift Card

Make gifting more meaningful

Ollie helps family and friends give gifts that add up so we can all get and give gifts that make life better.



Ollie provides kids aged 6 to 18 with an account combined with a phone app and Pre-Paid debit card.


Ollie gives parents the tools they need to stay in control.


Empower kids to learn about money

Jimmy N.


Ollie Gift Card was developed based on our shared frustration in giving and receiving gift cards for kids.

"Flexibility to spend on activities, education, experiences, or just have them save money for something they cherish in the future."


Thevi C.


Finding the Perfect Gift

"Children’s interests change frequently!" 

"I am tired of the excess stuff for children in our lives!"

Anthony M.



We are a human driven fintech company that strengthens financial capability through its products and services.

Our first product, Ollie, gives people more choice with gift cards.

We have made a meaningful gift card that is close to real cash.

Ollie gift card is flexible, can be used for experiences and products, builds savings, and is reloadable with no fees!


Briarcliff Manor, NY


Online platform for cash gifts

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